Business Continuity Summary

Well-managed banks are aware of the need to protect both its depositors’ funds and stockholders’ investment. To meet their obligations, banks must be prepared to meet contingencies that may arise and continue to provide banking services. Business recovery procedures are of major importance to management if a disaster occurs.

At The Bankers Bank, we assume that most disasters will occur with little or no warning, with rapid development and the potential for substantial destruction. We have the capability to react quickly and recover from emergency situations that may occur. We have a formalized Business Continuity Plan, written as a guide to ensure the safety of bank personnel, the bank’s assets, and all customer information. We also have a management succession plan in place. The Business Continuity Plan is approved annually by the Board of Directors, audited annually by the internal audit department, reviewed regularly by examiners, and tested periodically by the Bank’s business continuity committee. The plan also includes a health pandemic contingency plan and risk assessment.

We perform annual backup tests of the critical and non-critical servers on the network. We also test the backup connection with the core processor. On a periodic basis the business continuity committee meets and conducts tabletop exercises that center on potential business interruptions. We have also performed company-wide interruption tests. A report of each testing incident is presented to the Board of Directors. When real interruptions occur, we document the situation for our records. The Business Continuity Plan is updated, when necessary, to incorporate the lessons we learned from these exercises, tests, and real-life events.

Following a disaster, it is the goal to continue offering essential services for our customers, while assuring the safe operation of the bank. Our data processing and
online services are outsourced, but a disaster could affect data entry, access to electronic records and online communications. The plan includes specific disaster recovery procedures to address each of the core business systems. In the event we lose electricity at our facility, we have a backup power source that is inspected semi-annually and tested weekly. If a disaster were to cause damage to our facility, employees can work remotely, and management has arrangements with two third-party vendors to provide temporary off-site offices and computer access.

To minimize potential downtime due to unforeseen disaster, The Bankers Bank’s core business systems are currently operating in an online real-time mode at our off-site facility. The network environment includes redundant servers. We also have redundant Internet service to minimize the business interruption scenario should one of our providers go down.

In the event of a disaster, we will keep our customers informed of the situation by posting updates on our website:


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